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Manga Wet-Spells

April 10, 2010
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It’s already March and things are starting to pick-up in my classes.  I just have a ton of papers left to write (-_-), but once I’m done with them it’ll be time for finals and finally summer break will begin…at least the two weeks before I start my summer history class.  In the meantime, I finally managed to have the chance to go book shopping and wound up finding some great deals.  I grabbed xxxholic vol. 7, Wallflower 18 and Kitchen Princess vol. 7 for only $2.50 each!  I also got two more books in the Wild Ones series (vol. 2 and 4 which I was missing) and on a recent trip to a used bookstore found Skip-Beat Vol. 8 and the last two volumes of the Fruits Basket series.
March 2010 by you. //


When I first started reading, I remember having trouble finding series that I wanted to really read.  Shonen Jump hadn’t been around for long (a year maybe) and a lot of the series I found didn’t really grab me.  I read through Inu-Yasha, Flame of Recca, Marmalade Boy, Mars and a few others as Shonen Jump slowly released titles.  I ended up not collecting series for a long time because I got tired of waiting for series and didn’t really have time.  So for two years I didn’t read or buy any series until when I picked up last summer again because I had the time.  At that point I realized I had a lot of catching up to do.

Fruits Basket

Granted I hadn’t stopped reading (I just borrowed manga for those 2 year) I hadn’t realized how many series had come out and how many volumes had been released.  At current there are over 380 manga books on my wishlist.  Slowly I’ll catch up…or not.  It feels like there are more manga series released of great quality than most fans will ever be able to read. 

So, slowly I’m trying to finish reading the series that I do already read, there are so many great series that I want to read too.  In what used to be a limited selection only a few years ago, is now a monumental growth with almost too many series.  At present I’m currently reading 30+ series and with scanlations, that number increases because some series aren’t out anywhere outside Japan.  So much manga….

Computer back from the dead

March 27, 2010

Last week my laptop motherboard when kaput and it took with it my entire top.  Luckily it’s still under warranty until July 2011 which is good since they replaced 4ish parts (whole new screen, motherboard, keyboard, power button strip and some other small things) I also have a new AC adapter on the way.  So it’s nice to have it back just in time to do more papers.

Over spring break I did get to watch three animes Hanamaru Kindergarten, Yumerio Passiere and Pokemon Chronicles.  I’ll be talking about them at a later point, but I highly recommend all three (Pokemon actually isn’t bad during Chronicles).  I also celebrated my birthday last thursday 🙂  It was a wonderful birthday spent with friends, family and God (I have chapel on thursdays).  I got three movies (Old Dogs, Up and Gone with the Wind), a bunch of giftcards and monies.  I got three new manga with b-day money-Wallflower 18, Kitchen Priness 7 and xxxholic 13 for the grand total of $7.50.  I really love discount bookfairs =)  I also grabbed the Time Travelers wife and finished it recently (excellent read btw).  I also got an Ikuto drawing from one of my friends, candy, an id wallet, and a spock doll.

Pokemon Soul Silver!  It finally came in from order last friday (shame, shame).  I got the preorder lugia and it was pretty cool.  I haven’t gotten too far on the game since I’m only up to my seventh badge and I’m doing sidequests in between.  My team currently consists of;

Growlithe lvl. 30

Totodile lvl. 30

Amphraos lvl. 32

Sudowodo lvl 29

Girafrig lvl. 30

Eight Anime of Spring Break

March 7, 2010

It’s finally Spring Break and with the days off from classes I plan on doing some relaxing (alas my professors did assign homework over Spring Break).  I was looking through my list of anime I’m watching/want to watch and realized how much of a backlog I had.  So, what better thing to do on those few hours of relaxing at night after homework than watch Anime?  So here’s my list of eight anime I plan to watch/start over Spring Break.  Note: These aren’t in order of preference

Kaasan - Moms Life 8) Kaa-san

I started watching this series over winter break this/last year.  I enjoyed the humor and it was a pretty unique series.  It tells the story of a families life through the eyes of a mother (with two children and a husband of course) but she’s also a manga-ka (working moms are frowned upon in Japan).  I do find the immaturity of the mother to be realistic, but at times annoying.  But other than that this is a pretty good series that’s still ongoing in Japan. Episode 3/45+

Miracle Train 7) Miracle Train

I started this series over winter break as well.  I didn’t dislike the series, though it did feel a little dul.  I was surprised I never got bored despite the montone pacing at times.  It’s about a train full of men who are the human-embodiements of six major train stations in Japan.  In the course of their adventures they help women with problems who board their trains.  I’m interested to see where this series leads.  Episode 2/13


Yumeiro Patissiere 6) Yumeiro Patissiere

I stumbled across this series a little while ago.  It looked cute, sounded interesting and featured baking!  What’s not to love about a series that is based around baking tasty treaty?  I haven’t started this one yet so I’m anxious to watch a few episodes and see how it is.

Hanamaru Kindergarten 5) Hanamaru Kindergarten

This is another series I stumbled across, but I’ve also heard a lot about.  It’s fairly new and it looks too cute.  It features several young children in kidnegarten and their adventures.  I’m going into elementary education so I’ll definatley be watching it.  It just looks so cute ^_^

Nyan Koi! 4) Nyan Koi!

This is probably the series I’ll wind up finishing first.  I started watching it the other day after seeing a few recommendations for it and I’m in love with the series.  It stars a boy whose allergic to cats, but after destorying a statue he learns he must fufill the wishes of 100 cats or he’ll turn into a cat (and die from his allergy).  I really have enjoyed the series so far with its humor, cats and orginiality.  I just wish there wasn’t harem in it.  Episodes 4/12


Place Promised In Our Early.. 3) Place Promised to us in our early Days

I recently obtained this movie(free thanks to  I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I’ve seen another movie by Matoko Shinkai (Voices of a Distant Star) and loved it.  The artwork is beautiful from what I’ve seen and the plot sounds a little confusing-but interesting.

Unico-1.jpg unico image by NigamiOsoreru13 2) Unico in the Island of Magic

I stumbled across this character a few days ago in a screencap contest held by Anime Princess (  When I learned there was an anime featuring a unicorn I had to check it out.  I learned it was actually released in English a long time ago.  Hm…a series that should be renewed in North America and elsewhere?

pokemonchonicles.png pokemon chronicles image by gyazi_louisse1) Pokemon Chronicles

What can I say?  The release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver in the near future has me in a Pokemon mood.  There’s something undeniably addictive about Pokemon and Chronicles gets it right.  I’ve seen 2 or 3 episodes here and there, but I want to see the whole series because from what I’ve seen it’s a realy good series (no team rocket in every episode!).

A Monkey High Review and more

February 27, 2010

I’ve been thinking of changing my blogs title for a while.  Right now it’s Yokihana’s blog and I’m still trying to decide on a better title.  It might stay Yokihana’s blog, or I’ve been playing with a few ideas like “A Nerdy Girls Blog”.  I’m still thinking about it, so we’ll see.  I’m hoping to have some time soon to work on the pages a bit more and work on apperance of the information on the pages. 

Monkey High!, Volume 1Without further ado, I wrote a review of Monkey High Vol. 1 recently and it’s up and ready for your reading pleasure.  If you haven’t checked this book out I do recommend it.  It’s not your typical shojo in some aspects 🙂  You can read the full review here:

The other day I was sitting in class and my professor was talking about skills we have.  She mentioned one girl and praised her for her abilty to be able to speak several foreign languages fluently.   She then looked straight at me (I figured it was coming lol) and my mind thought. HM…I guess she’ll pick my ability to sew since I’m well known for that and I’m pretty good at it.  Or in the off-chance, I am a good cook/baker so maybe that.  No, she looked at me and said “And Rebecca has a vast understanding and knowledge of Japan.”

Me: (what, my unique skill is being obessed with Japan?)

She went on for a minute about why its useful and in the meantime I turned red and didn’t look around.  It’s kind of funny in a way too because recently she’s been asking me questions about Japan related to what we’re discussing.  We were talking about population declines and birthrates and she asked me about it (and yes I did know it as well as Chinas).  Uh…if you haven’t noticed I’m in a class about families and I’m a family and consumer science major (though I just want my elementary education license :P).

The Pokemon Craze continues

February 16, 2010

Pokemon was never expected to become the craze it became, but Satoshi Tajiri’s brain child has evolved into one of nintendos biggest franchises.  It’s been fourteen years since its creation.  I still remember when my grandmother ordered us a copy of Titanic on VHS and with it came a sneak peek at a new show called Pokemon.  From there my love of Pokemon sparked when for my birthday I got Pokemon Red and things were never the same.

Limited Edition Pokemon with Figurine

In less than a month Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold will be released.  It’s probably my most anticipated release in a long time because Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal reign as my favorite in the series and one of my favorite all time favorite games.  I’m also excited since it’s being released four days before my birthday and comes with a figurine and the pokewalker.

File:Pokémon episode 1 screenshot.png

Needless to say I’m still into the Pokemon series over ten yars later (I was introduced in 1999).  There’s been a lot of changes and new Pokemon added, but the core is mostly the same and its still as addictive as ever.   I used to watch the TV show all the time with brother, but after the beginning of the jhoto series I somehow lost interest.  The anime just wasn’t quite the same.  I still watch the movies a lot and think they’re pretty good-especially the earlier ones.

Mini makeshift studio by : : w i n t e r t w i n e d : :.

With its craze comes merchandise.  I still have several Pokemon figurines and toys and I’m always on the look out for more (geeky I know).  There’s just something so haunting about addictive about the Pokemon franchise and you can’t deny a lot of the Pokemon look pretty cool or are just plain cute.   As the release of Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Glod draws closer my interest in youtubing episodes, shorts and movies continues.

S.A. Review and nerdy rambles

February 3, 2010

S.A Vol. 1 (Special A)

I wrote a review for S.A. vol. 1 and it can be read here;  Overall I thought it was average, but you can read more about it in my review.  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue the series, but hopefully it does get better. 

I FINALLY used the last of my christmas money and a giftcard from last year to buy some manga 🙂  I ended up with Kimi no Todoke vol.1, Monkey High Vol. 1 and Sand Chronicles Vol. 5.  I was hoping to find vol. 1 of sand chronicles to start rereading it, but alas books a million and barons and noble were sold out.  Now I just have to endure the wait to save up giftcards to get more manga or have more wishlist books come into stock on paperbackswap.

New Super Mario Bros

Gaming wise I’ve been busy.  I’ve been pretty busy.  I’ve mostly been playing Super Mario Bros Wii with friends 4 at a time and it’s so much fun.  This is probably my favorite Wii games, it’s so amazing =)  I also have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II a bit lately with two friends.  It’s pretty fun though it can be hard at times.  I also started and beat Princess Debut.  It’s one of the few dating sims for girls in the US and its a solid title.  It does get repetitive, but it’s also a lot of fun and most of the princes are charming.

10 Manga in the year 2010

January 24, 2010

I remember when I first started reading manga.  There weren’t a lot of series out and Viz was still printing their manga in giant books.  In would be in 2005 that I first read Shonen Jump and bought a few manga and from there more and more series were released and I found a few older series to get into.  I was on a manga hiatus for two years because of school, but I was able to pick it back up last year.  There’s a couple of series that I plan on getting into since now more than ever there’s a LOT of great series out there.  So here’s my list of 12 manga I plan on finishing/starting this year (some I’ve already ‘started’ but its only a chapter or even part of a volume). 

1.   Chi’s Sweet Home

I’ve watched the anime through Crunchyroll and I have to say it’s too cute.  It’s about a kitten named Chi and how she ends up adopted by a family with a young toddler despite their opposition at first.   It’s adorable and light-hearted and it features a kitten, what’s not to love?

2. SteppingOnRoses1  Stepping on Roses

Stepping on Roses involves a young woman, Sumi, who ends up getting married to the rich Soichiro, after he helps her solve her financial woes caused by her brother.  Stepping on Roses was written by the same woman who did Tails of the Moon (a good manga too).  I’m recently taken a living to manga about marriage and it’s interesting to see how romance develops between a husband and wife who weren’t in love to begin with (it did happen not that long ago).  I’ve already heard some good things about Stepping on Roses so its high on my to-get list.

3. HereIAmJP1  Here I am

I first stumbled across Here I am on over the summer.  It’s incredibly cute and its a series that focuses on Hikage, an eighth grader that no one notices.  You really feel for her especially since the only two people who do seem to notice her are two commenters on her blog.  Later on two boys at school give her notice and from then on she becomes a sunflower.  It’s really cute and a great development story.

4.Karakuri Odette Volume 1Karakuri Odette

Karakuri Odette is a series I was very excited to see licensed.  I first read it on and I raved about it to friends who didn’t read manga (one who even thinks its silly).  Karakuri Odette is about a robot who begins attending school and tries to understand humans.  Her curiousity is both innocent and subtly mature and its one of those few manga that makes you step back and think.  This isn’t your typical robo-girl manga.

5.  Sand Chronicles, Vol. 7Sand Chronicles

Shame on me for not starting this series a lot sooner!  I’ve read a couple chapters of the manga and I loved it.  What really is drawing about Sand Chronicles is how realistic it is and the issues it deals with (long distance relationships, growing up, rivals) and it handles them in a way as it would happen in the real world-not manga land.  Another plus about this series is it follows the life of the heroine, Ann, through several years and eventually becomes a Josei.  The final installment in the series is coming out in December or early in 2011.

6. Monkey High!, Volume 1Monkey High!

When I first heard about Monkey High my initial thought was it was going to be cheesy and just another shojo manga.   After reading the first chapter I saw a lot of potential and from what I’ve been reading in reviews it stands above most of the high school romances you’ll come across.  I also like the fact that the heroine doesn’t go for the super hot popular guy, but instead the sweet and funny class clown.

7.  Butterflies, Flowers, Vol. 1Butterflies, Flowers

Butterflies, Flowers is a series that I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about and the story itself sounds intriguing.  The Heroine used to come from a family with a lot of money and her boss was her servant, now roles have shifted so how will that affect their relationship?  I want to read this also because its Josei and focuses on two young adults in their twenties.  

8. A DISTANT NEIGHBORHOOD volume 1: by Jiro TaniguchiA Distant Neighborhood

I’ve been meaning to start this title for a while.  It tells the story of a man who goes back to being a 14 year old boy while still remembering what happened in the future.  I’ve always thought it was interesting to try and imagine what life would be like if you knew then what you know now. 

9. High School Debut, Vol. 12High School Debut

I’m not completely new to High School debut.  When I read the first chapter in Shojo Beat a while back I didn’t expect much.  It wasn’t until I read a few more chapters that I really came to like it, so now I’m trying to read the entire series.  With volume 13, the series came to a close recently, so I’m interested in seeing how it all plays out.

10. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 3Kimi Ni Todoke

What an amazing Shojo series.  I just started the first volume and already I’m in love with this series!   The characters are great and refreshing, the storyline and plot are good and it has a lot of good messages about life that ring true.  It also just has a good feel to it.  Sawako/Sadako is a great female lead to.  You can’t help but admire her good-heart and her constant strive to be a better person and be honest.


There’s a lot of other series I plan on reading this year too.  I’m currently reading Monkey High and its a really fun series so far. Expect a review of it within the next few days.

Ja Ne!